Select from a number of reading options, below. I offer phone readings which are arranged in advance at a specific time, or I offer email readings which are sent to you in the form of a voice recording (MP3) that can be played back through a Smartphone or on a computer through popular software applications like iTunes, Quicktime and Microsoft Windows Player


Phone readings are done by appointment only. Once a time and date has been scheduled, I will call you at the telephone number given at the time the appointment was made.  The call will come in to you at the pre-arranged time. Please make sure you are in a quiet area, and one where the signal is strong if using a cell phone. Sorry,  I only make calls to domestic US phone numbers.  If you are located outside the United States and would like to arrange a phone reading, there are options available, such as securing a US Skype number for me to call you on. To learn more about securing a US Skype number, see this page for detailed:

15 mins

$50.00phone reading

  • 15 minutes
  • Scheduled call
  • PayPal

30 mins

$80.00phone reading

  • 30 minutes
  • Scheduled call
  • PayPal

45 mins

$100.00phone reading

  • 45 minutes
  • Scheduled call
  • PayPal

60 mins

$160.00phone reading

  • 60 minutes
  • Scheduled Call
  • PayPal

Note: Payments for readings are processed through PayPal. By selecting to purchase a reading you will first be directed to my schedule, where you will be asked to select a time and date for your reading.  Thereafter, you will be required to complete  a contact form and then will be taken, automatically, to PayPal to make  payment for the service your have selected. If you do not have a PayPal account,  a Visa or MasterCard can be used to complete the payment once inside the PayPal system.


If your personal or work schedule makes it difficult to arrange a scheduled callback from me for a phone reading, consider either one of the two email reading options below. Email readings are recorded and sent by email as an audio file. Files will be in MP3 format and may be played back by Microsoft Windows, Quicktime or iTunes. There are two different email reading options, both delve into specific issue or focus area – one in more detail than the other.  For the concise email reading, I recommend that you keep your query focused on one issue. In the In-depth email reading, I recommend you keep your questions limited to no more than 2 focus areas, or issues (for example: relationship and career). Please bear in mind that these email readings are approximately 10-12 minute recordings and the volume of information delivered in your particular reading depends on the complexity of your issue.


$30.00Email Reading

  • 1-2 Questions about 1 Focus area*
  • MP3 emailed
  • PayPal


$40.00Email Reading

  • 1-2 Questions about 1-2 Focus areas**
  • MP3 emailed
  • PayPal