• I can honestly say I felt this reading was very accurate and her personality is awesome. She made me laugh while being completely honest about the reading, gave some great details in her reading didn't leave me confused. Will be calling soon.
    Kenya66 | 9-16-2014
  • I love her! She is simply amazing! Don't know how she does it and talks straight to let me see another true perspective. 100 stars
    Spike444 | 9-16-2014
  • Thank you very much, great reading. Picked up on a lot of information around how he is feeling without me saying anything to you...very good information!
    Leonie4566 | 9-11-2014
  • You are a blessing from God. I have talked to several different advisors regarding my situation and you are the first one who truly seemed to CARE. Not only did you offer me heartfelt advice, but you truly HELPED me. I am so thankful to have been able to speak with you. Thank you does not tell you enough. I am sorry I ran out of funds. I wish I had more to finish our conversation.
    livelaughlove11 | 9-3-2014
  • You rockkkkk...simply put but so true! You do not waste anyones time and get right to the heart if the matter. You truly help...thank you :)
    Smile13353 | 8-27-2014
  • I just Love You... you're so amazing and i'm so glad you're there for me you have been seeing the same thing and never steered away from your predictions and i'm glad you haven't. Guys look no further Lady P. is one in a million.. i've been on Keen for what feels like forever and she's the only one i still talk to after years and years.. always right on and always there to hear you out and put things into perspective. Thanks for everything.. xoxoxo
    Sunshineforever | 8-27-2014
  • Awesome, as usual! It all worked out just like you said and now we will see what the fallout is on the other side. LP does not like giving timeframes but she was pretty close with the # she gave me. Thanks for keeping me sane during this difficult time even though it’s not what I want to hear it helps to be prepared. So, I ain’t mad at the messenger.
    Champagnelife | 8-26-2014
  • I've been speaking to LP for a number of years now. She has called everything in my life with uncanny accuracy. Two or three years ago she told me my son would get a offer from another company, I thought at the time it was a little far fetched that he would leave the company he was with but she was right he got the offer and took the position. When he got married she gave me a heads up about the actions of a guest. She was right again. LP you are fantastic and accurate about every question I have ever asked you. Thanks for bring truthful.
    Gemini10 | 8-24-2014
  • LP has a depth of understanding that is truly remarkable. She has patiently guided me to understand situations and change my perception of them so that I can achieve my goals. LP is working with me to become a better version of myself - confident, self-assured and more able to seek out relationships in the future that are equitable and rewarding. While LP's manner is straightforward, she still does so with compassion and genuine caring. I can count on LP being my most avid supporter. I entrust her with guiding me through my most challenging moments and I know she has my best interests at heart every step of the way. Thanks, LP!
    Imelcaliente | 8-17-2014
  • This is looooong overdue but want to attest to how correct LP was about a guy I called her about 2 years ago. She said he would be in and out and he sure was multiple times. Love she's so down to earth and tough!
    tjoy12 | 8-14-2014
  • she's been extremely accurate for me in predicting events related to school and love, and is EXCELLENT at unpacking complex thoughts and dynamics. thank you so much for your wisdom, kindness, patience, and accuracy!!! many blessings to you!
    Spiritrenewed | 9-24-2014
  • She is SO GOOD at explaining what she sees. She gives you very specific details about your situation. She won't tell you what to do and if she's not sure about something, she'll let you know. She does, however, present the information in a way that empowers YOU to make the best choice. She is a very ethical and honest reader and I highly recommend that you give her a call. Thank LP, and God bless you and your loves ones.
    happy4283 || 12/01/2014
  • Thank you so much Lady P you are amazing as always. Thank you for your honesty and your insight hope your predictions will unfold as you see them. Sorry I ran out of funds will be calling you soon with updates.Thank you, only the best.
    Arual12 || 11/25/2014
  • This lady ROCKS. I did not have to give her any details and she knew the man in question had someone else. She was also able to describe things that happened and I did not lead her on. She knows specific little details that only a psychic can pick up on.
    raven4575 || 11/17/2014